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District News and Notes - May 2022

Here's the latest from around the district...

With the anticipated largest kindergarten class in a long time, we will be adding a third section and hiring a kindergarten teacher.  

Mental Health Grant
We received the Mental Health Board of Sandusky, Seneca and Wyandot grant for $9,560.00 which will pay for our clinical counselor for the 22-23 school year.    

Thank you to the PTO for providing treats and gift cards for Staff Appreciation Week!

The flag poles at the ball fields will be in honor of former NR Board Member Suzette Clouse.
Steve Bouillon honored the late Mr. Bob Brickner at a recent baseball game and the Brickner family threw out the first pitch.  A tree along the baseball access road was planted to honor Bob.  

Grade 2 Teacher
Raegan McElhose was hired to replace the retiring Margaret Schalk in 2nd grade.  

Adult summer cleaners on an as-needed basis for the summer of 2022:
Daniel Ink, Greg Scherger, Ray Pollard, Amber Chapman

Coaches for 2022-23 school year:
Junior High Athletic Director Steve Bouillon
High School Athletic Director Jamie Lininger
Varsity Cheerleading Kari King
Varsity Volleyball Cindy Hoepf
JH Cheerleading Genna Elchert
ESports John Kramer
Varsity Bowling Cas Anez
Varsity Boys Basketball Dave Losey
Varsity Girls Basketball Cindy Walerius
Assistant Volleyball Lindsay Bouillon
Freshman Volleyball Haley Hoepf
8th Grade Volleyball Anna Smalley
7th Grade Volleyball Jenna Smalley
HS Cross Country Ethan Reinhart
JH Cross Country Casey Losey
Varsity Golf Scott Hall
Clay Target League Coordinator Ethan Smalley
7th Grade Boys Basketball Scott Hall
8th Grade Boys Basketball Bill Faeth
8th Grade Girls Basketball Judy Pusateri
School Year Weight Room Kristen Tiell
Summer Weight Room Kristen Tiell
Volleyball Scoreboard Paul Reiter
Girls Basketball Scoreboard Paul Reiter
Girls Basketball Announcer Leah Bouillon
Girls Basketball Timer Jason Lininger
Boys Basketball Scoreboard Paul Reiter
Boys Basketball Announcer Kristen Tiell
Boys Basketball Timer Winston Stansberry

Academic Advisors for 22-23
HS Quiz Bowl Dan Beisner
Honor Society Yvonne Burns
Yearbook Joyell Zamudio
Elementary Student Council Bethany Boehler
8th Grade Class Advisor Yvonne Burns
Musical Director Nikki Kleba
Power of the Pen Katie Richter
Drama Director Nikki Kleba
Music Director Nikki Kleba (75%)/Michael Frankart (25%)
Jacket Company Michael Frankart
Elementary Christmas Special Michael Frankart
Service Learning Bethany Boehler
Language Club Steve Reser
Art Coordinator/Club Claire Hibbard
Right to Read Coordinator Miranda Hessick
Sophomore Class Stephanie Depinet
SADD Stephanie Depinet
Freshman Class Yvonne Burns

The final testing window of the year will take place over the next two weeks. NWEA or MAP testing will be conducted in select classrooms in large part to meet the new OTES 2.0 HQSD requirements.  

This year’s graduation ceremony will again be indoors in the main gymnasium as it has in past years. There will be no tickets issued for attendees this year as there are currently no capacity restrictions.  Graduation is Sunday, May 29 @ 2 p.m.

Academic Honors Breakfast
Five New Riegel students were honored at the Academic Honors Breakfast Friday, May 6, at Tiffin University. This breakfast celebrates the top ten percent of senior classes from area high schools. Congratulations to Aubrey, Jacob, Jojo, Jessica and Will.  

Music Performances
The Spring Concert for grades 5 & 6 will take place May 10 at 6:00 pm.
The A Cappella Dinner Show will take place May 14 at 6:30 pm.

Student Handbook
This year we have two proposed changes being suggested for the 2022-2023 student handbook. The first is for the recent change in the way CCP course grades are weighted (added to page 15). The second is a minor change to dress code item #3 (hoods added) (added to page 53).

Weighted Grades for CCP Courses (Class of 2025 and beyond)
1. CCP courses taken online, on-campus or at New Riegel will be scored on a weighted 5-point scale. This means that a grade of an A in one of these courses would earn the student a 5 when calculating their GPA as opposed to a 4 in an unweighted system.
2. Students who elect to take a CCP course for high school credit only will not receive a weighted score and will receive a 4 for a grade of an A.
3. Enrolling in and completing CCP courses allows students (Class of 2025 and beyond) to earn above a 4.0 GPA assuming that they earn an A in one or more CCP courses.

SBC Track Championship Prelims are scheduled for May 10, at 4:00 pm at Lakota and the District meet is scheduled for May 21.  
Softball sectionals are scheduled to begin for the Lady Blue Jackets at home on May 12 at 5:00 pm.
Baseball sectionals are scheduled to begin for the Blue Jackets May 17 at 5:00 pm.

Elementary Events
5/12/22 - 3rd grade will go to Mad River and Hayes Presidential Center.
5/13/22 - Kindergarten goes to Back to the Wild to learn about animals and their adaptations.
5/18/22 - 2nd grade goes to Lyme Village to learn about the past and changes over a period of time.
5/19/22 - 1st grade goes to Lyme Village to study past artifacts and change over time.
5/11/22 is chalk day where the Elementary students will observe and vote on the best art on the sidewalks from High School students.  
5/23/22 - During SAIL meetings, our K-5 staff and students have been working in mixed teams and competed with each other in various leadership games.  The winning team will enjoy an ice cream sundae party with Ms. Schalk and Ms. Barrows.
5/23/22 - We will celebrate Ms. Schalk’s retirement and Ms. Salvatti’s 50th year in education with light breakfast snacks and guest speakers during our K-5 SAIL meeting in the auditeria.
5/25/22 - Fun Day:  Students in grades K-5 will participate in bouncy houses, guest readers, homemade ice cream treats and much much more.

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