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District News and Notes - November

District News and Notes
November 2021

    We’ve had a couple of rains since Mays completed their remediation to the windows and we have experienced no leaks.  We will continue to monitor the situation.  
    We are awaiting quotes from the vendors to finalize the OFCC safety grant.  After completing the vulnerability assessment, upgrades to our PA system and keyless entry are two identified areas.    

    Our attendance remains steady at 96% average this month.  
    Currently we have 10 students in quarantine and 10 students with the mask mandate.
    A total of 14 students have tested positive for COVID 19 and 6 staff members have been positive.

    Two 22-23 calendars will be presented in December at the Calendar hearing. 
SB1 - Flexibility in hiring substitute teachers
    The new resolution would allow people to get a substitute teaching license without holding a degree for this year only.   It would give us an additional pool of people to have as substitutes.  I would have our aides fill in for subs only when we can get coverage.  
    We have an agenda item on the resolution and the hiring of the aides to be used as substitute teachers.  
    Motions to hire student cleaners, Scott Hall – 7th grade boys’ basketball, James Williams – Volunteer Bowling
    Motion to hire Bee Safe for security at boys’ and girls’ basketball games

In the Elementary
*We have successfully completed our first round of conferences.  Teachers will provide an attendance report after November 4th’s conferences and contact any parents / guardians who did not attend.

*Feedback from parents and guardians were positive regarding the new grading system.  Coordination with state test performance indicators along with rubrics showing the different performance levels were deemed as valuable.  Many students attended conferences with their parents and presented work samples from QA1 along with successes and personal goals for improvement.

*Families are invited to an informational meeting regarding the Third Grade Guarantee on January 13th at 6 pm in the auditeria.  Families will receive examples of expectations in English Language Arts along with resources.

*PD #1 was very beneficial as teachers received training on how to better utilize Success maker, an online Math resource that integrates with our Envision curriculum. Data reports show that if students utilize this program 3 times a week for at least 15 minutes, they should be able to make 1.5 years growth in math proficiency.  Teachers learned how to customize assignments based on standards, and Envision content for the whole class, groups and individual students.  In the afternoon, staff worked on creating QA 2 assessments that align with their priority standards for the grade card and rigorous student rubrics for effective grading purposes.

*Red Ribbon Week:  Many staff and student participated in dress up themes to commit to a drug free lifestyle along with creating door posters to align with the theme, "Drug-free looks good on me!"  4th and 5th grade watched videos and had classroom discussions each day related to a topic about being drug-free.

In the high school
*November's staff meeting included topics regarding a follow up to our professional development on October 29.  There was discussion on end of quarter grading reminders for future grading periods.  Time was also given to reflect on how the first quarter transpired.  Parent teacher conferences were discussed with feedback and suggestions moving forward.  

*The annual ALICE drill is scheduled for later this month and will include an evacuation as we have adjusted the room assignments at the Parish School due to significant changes in class sizes.  

*The distracted and impaired driving program made a stop at New Riegel on November 4.  The Save A Life Tour was here a couple of years ago right before the state-mandated COVID shut down in March of 2020.  The timing may be a bit odd, but the message is important for our students regardless of the time of year and the cost of the program was covered by a sponsor secured by SALT.

*The student council organized a fantastic event held on November 11 in the main gym.  Kindergarten students signed the pledge of allegiance, the Jacket Company sang the National Anthem, the fourth grade read a story to Veterans and students, a video interview was shown, the band played "Salute to America's Finest" and the Veterans enjoyed a breakfast afterwards.  

*The retakes for state end of course tests will take place in December.   Letters will be sent to the parents of those students who are affected. 

*Sophomore Aaron Hohman donated 42 pumpkins, that were decorated and delivered to the residents of Good Shepherd Home in Fostoria.  Students will be making and service dinner to the American Legion members and their spouses before their meeting on Monday November 15.  Students will be decorating 42 small Christmas trees, to be delivered to the approximately 42 residents who have been identified as not having regular social interaction/family support.   These trees will be delivered after Thanksgiving.

*After much discussion with students and other interested parties, Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida has been chosen for this year's destination.   


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