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Monthly News and Notes - November 2023
November News and Notes

  • We’ve added a MOU with the union to establish the assistant bowling coach.  
  • Lenny Theis and Mckayla (Theis) Smith will be the bowling Varsity and Assistant coaches.  
  • Carey’s wrestling coach will be coaching our 6 JH wrestlers and 1 HS wrestler this year at Carey.  Check out the wrestling schedule on the master calendar.  
Driver’s Education Grant
  • In cooperation with the NCOESC we are working on a grant to provide driver’s education to our students.  
  • We received two sealed bids for the chiller and controls.  
  • The board approved the purchase of an LG Chiller form Wadsworth Solutions.  We will be utilizing our maintenance fund established when the building was built to pay for the cost of the chiller.  Our maintenance fund was established for this type of purchase.
  • We conducted a review of our security cameras as we are preparing for the safety grant for updated cameras around the facility.  
  • We are awaiting the outdoor learning space plans in order to prioritize and apply for a grant.  
  • We received notice our new bus will arrive in the springtime.  Remember, we approved this last school year with a grant covering over $50,000.00 the cost.
  • There were 325 salad bar purchases in October as it has become a very popular choice amongst students and staff.  
Jacket Leadership
  • Our monthly advisory lesson in the middle school/high school on Thursday with the topic of gratitude.   Check out the big turkey in the auditeria with all of the feathers which represent all of the things students are thankful for at school, at home and in their community.
  • Each grade level will be completing a community service project, a fundraiser and a class event as part of our newly established advisory program.
  • Our Jacket Leadership group is preparing Thankful Thursdays in the month of November.
    • Our first event will be a food drive from Thursday, November 9 - 15.  
    • Our second will be a gift drive for the Ronald McDonald house.
    • Jacket Leadership will be going in December to help make lunch, wrap presents and decorate the house for the holidays.  
High School Curriculum & Instruction
  • Staff members participated in a professional development day on October 20th on topics including: reviewing data from Ohio State Testing and learning how to use student results to make practice tests within the state testing portal. These assessments are designed to get students more comfortable with wording and formatting prior to taking tests. In addition, teachers can line up content standards with specific DOK levels.  Additional work will continue in small groups or content areas this school year.
  • Freshman and sophomore students attended a presentation by Sentinel to learn about program offerings for next school year and selected two programs to visit in November.
  • Our chemistry students celebrated MOLE day on October 23rd. Mole day is an unofficial holiday for chemistry enthusiasts which commemorates the mole, which is the basic unit of chemistry.
  • Student Advisory Members from the junior class presented a lesson at the elementary SAIL meeting. The students shared a project from their CCP anatomy class on bones to give the younger students a glimpse into what HS students learn about.
  • MS and HS celebrated Unity Day with anti bullying and inclusion activities put together by SADD members.
  • Sentinel freshman and sophomore visits and 8th grade career day took place last week. The Freshman and sophomore students toured programs and the 8th graders completed a rotation on careers. Staff members who have never toured Sentinel accompanied our students.
Elementary Curriculum & Instruction
  • 3rd grade took the Fall English Language Arts Assessment in October that will act as a measure of the Third Grade Reading Guarantee.  Results should be available in December for staff and families.  
  • During the October P.D. Day, staff received continued learning on our new word study program, Really Great Reading, OST data reports and assessment resources.  The proper techniques to perform CPR and use AED equipment were provided by Wyandot Memorial staff.
  • The Elementary had 100% of our families participate in parent / teacher conferences.  Students in grade 4 and 5 took leadership and presented goals, progress and next steps alongside their teachers.  This continues to be a powerful process as the collaborative team is needed to ensure maximum learning and achievement.
High School Student Activities
  • FFA held their GreenHand Ceremony and Potluck on October 16th and recognized freshman students.  
  • SADD held a successful Red Ribbon Week with a spirit week and different activities each day for elementary students and high school.
  • New Riegel hosted the October Quiz Bowl competition and went 2-1, beating Calvert and Seneca East and losing to Buckeye Central. Our team is 4-2 on the year and is tied for second in the North division of our league.
  • Our student of the quarter celebration took place with the elementary and recognized students with a lunch of pizza and bowling.
  • Freshman and Sophomore class officers attended the Sawyer summit which focused on empowering students in the areas of mental health and addiction and how to be leaders within their peer groups.
Elementary Student Activities
  • Culture: K-5 students and staff continued our theme, Wonderful World, Wonderful Life SAIL theme during this month’s SAIL meeting.  This month focussed on the culture of Egypt.  The message this month is to value the opportunity of learning.  Staff and students will look for opportunities to improve our classrooms, and school environment and culture.  Teachers will promote this habit in classrooms and recognition with SAIL tickets.
  • Leadership: During SAIL meetings, we have begun incorporating peer to peer sharing.  Students who have participated in important events put together a presentation for the student body.  Examples of sharing include science experiments, field trips, challenges and much more.  Older students have begun to participate in this process as well.  High school students shared about the importance of learning about the bone structure of the human body with information from their current Anatomy class.  They brought the class skeleton and are allowing the student body to determine an appropriate name.  Students are very excited to learn from one another and have the opportunity to share and teach their peers.
  • Clubs: SAIL clubs are up and running.  Students have voted for their top three areas of interest and meet as a group once a month to participate in aligned learning and events.  Clubs this year consist of Gaming, Drama, Holiday, Movie, Nature, Sports, Karaoke, Dance, STEM, Lego, Cooking, Art, and Board Games.
Family / Community Events
  • Seneca County Family & Children’s First Council will recognize Bethany Boehler, MS Intervention and Elementary Gifted Specialist at their Youth Asset Builder Awards Luncheon. Bethany was nominated for being a great role model to our students. She goes above and beyond for our students and is inspirational to her co-workers for always having a positive attitude and relentless dedication to helping students succeed.
  • Youth Asset Builder Award: Elementary staff have chosen two students to recognize for.  Reis Schalk and Allie Orians, along with their 5th grade teachers, will attend the luncheon and be recognized on November 14th.  Assets are described by the categories of support, empowerment, boundaries and expectations, constructive use of time, commitment to learning, positive values, social competencies and positive identity.
  • Ava Jakubcin-Theis, Grade 7.  Ava was nominated for exhibiting leadership qualities that have had a positive impact on both peers and the school community.  Her ability to communicate effectively and respectfully with her peers, combined with a natural inclination to take on responsibilities, sets her apart as a leader among her peers.
Elementary Fun Run
  • The Cross Country team hosted an elementary school race which drew more than 100 student participants and 400 guests on October 16th.  Students ran by grade level to compete for medals.  Junior high and high school students served as the race rabbits and turtles encouraging the younger runners.
Halloween Parade
  • The Halloween Parade had an outstanding turn out and we dodged the forecasted rain.  The senior class with their pirate theme was the winner of the float contest followed by the junior’s theme of roller coaster and the Freshman class's hunting float placed 3rd.
Seneca CEO
  • Senior Andrew Hartzell presented at the Seneca CEO community mixer.  This year's CEO program students are developing a group business model and then will launch individual entrepreneurial projects in the second semester.
Literacy Night
  • Families of students in grade preschool through 5th grade enjoyed a Movie Premiere themed Literacy Night on November 9th.  Families had the opportunity to walk the red carpet while trying to avoid paparazzi, enjoy popcorn and pizza, literacy games and prizes.  
Thanksgiving Play:
  • 3rd graders are working hard and are ready for the Thanksgiving Play performance scheduled for November 20th and 21st.  Families and community members are invited to attend.
Fire Safety
  • Students in grade preschool - fifth grade had the opportunity to learn about the job and duties of a firefighter along with important fire safety skills.  Fire Chief, Mr. Tim Bouillon from the NBS fire station, along with his crew, demonstrated the equipment used when fighting fires.  Students reviewed the importance of working fire detectors and a family plan if a fire should occur. The highlight of this experience was when the students were able to explore the fire truck up close.
Christmas Bazaar:
  • The PTO is preparing to open the Christmas Bazaar on December 4th and 5th and will offer affordable gift and gift wrapping.  Students will be invited to shop for families and friends.  Elf helpers will help students choose the best gifts for each person.  Students are often more excited to place their gift for others under the tree as opposed to receiving a gift.  This is an amazing service and learning experience for our students.
Night at the North Pole:
  • On December 9th from 5-9 pm, New Riegel families can drop off their children who will enjoy hot cocoa in their pajamas while watching Polar Express.  This gives parents an opportunity to complete some holiday shopping and also acts as a fundraiser for the Junior Class.