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Thank You Mrs. Jane Schalk, retiring New Riegel School Treasurer

New Riegel Community,

As we move closer to Mrs. Schalk’s retirement, I want to recognize and thank her for the service of nearly 25 years to the New Riegel Local School District.   As the long standing steward of our school district’s finances, Jane Schalk provided a consistent and solid foundation for our district throughout her tenure.  Her approach was always to ensure our district is in good financial standing and her decision making allowed for future generations of students to be educated as New Riegel Blue Jackets.  Jane has been the financial leader at our school district and has been a source of knowledge, integrity and consistency which has allowed us to flourish.  Her fiscal decisions have been well thought out and always what was best for the students in our school district.  Many years ago as she took on her role, the district was in a struggling financial position and there were times early on finding the funds to make payroll was difficult.  Over the years, she continued fiscal responsibility which allowed for systems to be put in place to ensure there was a blend of spending for what was needed to educate our students and savings to ensure for future generations.  In her words, she is most proud of her work with teachers and staff in educating our students and will miss working with a great group of people.  She plans on spending time with her family and having time for her hobbies and her advice to the incoming treasurer is to work hard and appreciate the great district you work for.  She wanted to thank the New Riegel Board of Education for having her serve as the treasurer and she indicated it was a pleasure working for them and for the district.   

We wish Jane the best in retirement, as it has been a pleasure having that consistent, kind and knowledgeable person for so many years here at New Riegel.   Thank you Jane, you will be missed.

Mr. Rombach

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