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Monthly News and Notes - April

District News and Notes 
April 2024

Concession Stand/Trophy Case
Our final plans are in place for the auditeria concession stand.  The plans have been sent out to contractors for bid.   The concession stand will have a movable counter and roll down door.  All coolers and supplies will be contained in the area of the trophy case.  A new trophy case will be built in the auditeria to properly display the championship trophies. 

There has been the beginning work on the chiller as the refrigerant and old unit have been removed and all power has been disconnected.  The new chiller is in place and work is being completed to hook up the units.  The project should be completed within the next four weeks. 

Cameras and Security Updates
We have a number of cameras being upgraded throughout the facility in mid to late May.  We received an additional grant to purchase those for the district.  Door access is being added to the HS staff mechanical door for easier access by staff who park in the back parking lot.  

JH Building Exterior Painting
In May, the exterior of the JH gym building will be painted as it has been over 20 years since the exterior was painted.  The exterior will match the track building, maintenance building and bus garage.

Smart Boards are being purchased for 6 staff members in the HS/MS.  Promethean boards from those HS/MS teachers will be repurposed in the elementary school.  Training for both the HS/MS and ES teachers will be available.  Our 3rd graders will be receiving new Chromebooks in the fall along with 8th and 9th graders.  A Google license will be purchased for each Chromebooks

Concrete Repairs
Starting June 3rd, the front entrance will be under construction as the concrete will be replaced due to defective installation when the building was built. There are a few other areas in which the concrete will be replaced.  

National Machinery Awards
Mrs. Zeno and I attended the annual county wide National Machinery Citizenship Awards on Monday night.  Nine New Riegel Seniors were honored with Scout C. and Maddie F. winning the two major cash awards and the seven others receiving $100 a piece.   Thank you to all of the staff who voted on the awards. 

Grade 2 Position
We have received over 25 resumes for the grade 2 position and will be reviewing those with the hopes of having someone recommended for the May board meeting.  A team of teachers and administrators will conduct in the first round interviews.  

Encore Showcase
Please join the New Riegel Encore team (Mr. Kramer, Mrs. Hibbard, Ms. Berney, Mrs. Kleba and Ms. Clouse) for the New Riegel Schools Encore Showcase on Sunday April 21, 2024 from 3:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m. at the school.   The festival will feature a Spring Encore showcase featuring Vocal & Instrumental Music, Physical Education, Technology, E-sports, and Visual Arts departments.   

Science of Reading 
As some of you are aware, the Department of Education and Workforce Development is rolling out the newly approved science of reading requirements for districts.  This will include a training requirement for staff in specific positions along with literacy curriculum requirements.  The DEW will be reimbursing staff for the training requirement and the district will be reimbursed for some curriculum adoptions. 

Training for path A-E will be done through the OH-ID account and teachers will have until June of 2025 to complete the training.  

Student Activities
K-5 students and staff continued our theme, Wonderful World, Wonderful Life SAIL theme during this month’s SAIL meeting.  This month students learned about the culture of Rome.  The S.A.I.L. habit that will be promoted this month is “be grateful”.  Staff and students will look for opportunities to improve our classrooms, and school environment and culture.  Teachers will promote this habit in classrooms and recognition with SAIL tickets.

During this month’s SAIL meeting, student leaders from high school presented to the student body about experiences in FFA.  Reese G, Aiden F, Gabe P, Owen K shared their experiences, new skills learned and contests in which they’ve completed.  Students enjoyed seeing the demonstration of the FFA students fixing parts on a tractor.

Our Sentinel students competed in the SkillsUSA Ohio State Championships on Tuesday, April 9th in Columbus. 

The kindness club began a project to collect bottle caps with the purpose of creating a bench for the playground.  The project is now completed and two buddy benches are available on the playgrounds.  The Buddy Bench was an idea created by 9-year-old Charlie Cooper.  He wanted a place for kids at recess who needed someone to play with or were sad to come and sit.  The whole school knows the purpose of the bench and students can come over and ask the student if they want to play or want to walk and talk.

Our Careers 10 class and any interested juniors and seniors will be participating in the Tiffin Business Council’s job fair held at Columbian High school on April 17th. More than 50 businesses are included and are hiring for part time, seasonal and full time positions.

April Contract Approvals
The following teaching and staff contracts were approved in April:

5 Year
Middle School Teacher        Kimberly Alley       
Superintendent                    David Rombach       
Elementary Teacher             Ethan Smalley       
Elementary Teacher             Alana Stevens     

3 Year
Elementary Teacher            Jami Bouillon 

2 Year
Bus Driver                Dan Beisner         
Adult Cleaner            Amber Chapman     
Cafeteria Worker            Jessica Kohl         
Adult Cleaner            Ray Pollard         
Bus Driver                 Christie Williams     

1 Year
Music Teacher            Maureen Berney
Elementary Teacher            Emma England
Elementary Teacher            Kayla Gretzinger
Elementary Teacher            Beth Hammer
Music Teacher            Nikkole Kleba

As Needed Aide            
Allison Gooding
Melisa Blaser

Athletic Director               Jamie Lininger
Junior High Athletic Director     Steve Bouillon
Varsity Girls Basketball         Lauren Hutton
Varsity Boys Basketball         Dave Losey
Varsity Cheerleading         Kari King
Varsity Bowling             Lenny Theis
Assistant Volleyball             Jessica Tiell
Clay Target                 Ethan Smalley
8th Grade Boys Basketball     William Faeth
7th/8th Grade Girls Basketball     Mark Theis
ESports                 Lynsey Tilse
Junior Varsity Bowling         Mikaya Smith
Color Guard                 Megan Loar

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