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District News and Notes - February 2023

Fundraisers Approved
Student Council - Homecoming Dance
SADD - Carnation Sale
Sophomore Class - Bake Sale/Car Wash, Potato Bar, Bulb Sale

Personnel Approved
Josh Osborne - JH Track
Gabrielle Nye - Assistant HS Track

Safety Grant
We have received confirmation our safety grant will be approved for $174,342.00.   We applied for the grant to upgrade our security systems.  

Strategic Plan
We will be participating in a county wide initiative: "Portrait of a Graduate".   This program will provide guidance on updating and executing a strategic plan for the district.  More to come on this.  

The 23-24 calendar was approved.  Please note graduation will be on Friday, May 24, 2024.  

Kindergarten Screening
Kindergarten screening will be open to the general public on May 12, 2023.   All district and potential open enrollment students are asked to pre-register in advance of the screening.   The link is on the website.  We currently have 26 pre-registered students.  As an additional note, we plan on having three sections for grade one next school year.  

Maturing CD
We had a CD maturing on 02/11/2023 and will be valued at $503,082.30 at the time of maturity.  The board decided to move the money into our STAR account which is currently paying 4.71%.  

It has been recommended we replace the boilers in the main building.  We are currently running one of the two as the second boiler last week went down.   The cost to replace the boilers is over $200,000.00.  We will be utilizing our maintenance fund which is meant for this type of expense.    

NW Career Ready
New Riegel Schools is part of a consortium of business leaders, school leaders and career centers working together to match student interests and abilities to post secondary careers.   Mrs. Depinet, Mrs. Zamudio and Mr. Johnson were trained on the program, You Science, to implement here at New Riegel.  You Science will give students and the school information on career aptitudes.  We see middle school students taking the initial assessment and then students will again take it in high school.  The program will be part of a larger plan to develop career checkpoints along a student's discovery path from middle school through high school here at New Riegel.  We would like to have a more required pathway for students to discover talents and interests based upon their aptitudes.  More to come on this initiative.  

Calamity Days
We used our 5th calamity day on Monday 1.30.23.  Please see the below link from my website on weather related information along with our negotiated agreement language.  

Branding and Logo
We've had a variety of lettering and logos over the years and we wanted to have a more focused logo and colors.  We have matched the pantone colors with the current navy and yellow colors you all are familiar with.  This will allow a more uniform look in our facilities.  You will begin to see these being used on signage and apparel.  It has been free for all over the years with anchors and lettering and we wanted to have a more consistent branding.

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