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District News and Notes - October 2022

Here's the latest from around the district for the month of October...

Fundraisers Approved
Class of 2023 Parking Lot Painting
Class of 2024 Polar Express Pajama Party
Class of 2024 Parents Night Out
Class of 2024 Pura Vida Bracelets
Class of 2025 Car Wash & Bake Sale
Class of 2025 Baked Potato Bar (Sunday afternoon)
SADD Domestic Violence Awareness T-shirt Sale
SADD Domestic Violence Awareness Bracelet Sale

Track Building: The board approved the construction of the building by Wise Construction.   This will solve the storage shed issue and allow for all the track equipment to be stored and easily accessed.  Permanent Improvement funds will be used for the building.

Track Long Jump Pit: Clouse construction will be completing the track long jump pit. The existing pit will be excavated and a new concrete walled pit with new sand will be installed.  Permanent Improvement funds will be used for the project.

Outdoor Learning Space: We have a meeting planned in December with Lowenoak landscape design to review ideas for the outdoor learning space.   The idea is to have a working outdoor learning space to start the 23-24 school year.  We will be seeking teacher input on the space as we move forward.  

Gameday Medical Staff: We received emails of interest in the gameday medical staff position and Mr. Lininger is working out a schedule to have one of the two at each home varsity event until the end of the school year.  Renee Reinhart and Stephanie Dietz were approved as the gameday medical staff members.

EMIS / Treasurer Clerk Position:  These part time jobs are being combined and Amy Bouillon has agreed to the position to start on November 1, 2022.  This will be a 240 day contracted position and will be considered full time.  

Contract with Delta Dental and Delta Vision effective January 1, 2023 for group dental and vision insurance coverages was approved.

Contract for the 2022-23, 2023-24 and 2024-25 school years for HUDL subscriptions, HUDL assist and the HUDL focus indoor camera was approved.

Lincoln Chapman was approved for eSports volunteer for the 22-23 school year.

Contract for MK Counseling was approved for the 22-23 to provide a clinical counselor for one day a week.  

Bakery Bingo: Friday, 9/30/22, the PTO sponsored at Bakery Bingo night.  The event was very well attended where families enjoyed food and drinks as well as competing in Bingo games to win bakery prizes.

Flag Etiquette: On Monday, 10/3/22, the Ohio Veterans council worked with 4th graders to teach them the proper ways of utilizing the American flag. They also donated rulers, flags and comic books for the 4th grade students.  

Fall Screeners: The fall NWEA and Dyslexia screeners are complete.  Teachers are using this data to create Reading Improvement Monitoring Plans (RIMPS) and small groups to provide differentiated instruction.  Title 1 is adjusting grade level groups based on this data as well.

Bus Safety: Mr. Theis along with bus drivers conducted bus safety evacuation drills with all students.

Dyslexia Guidebook: One requirement from the ODE Dyslexia Guidebook is that schools adopt a structured, multi-sensory scope and sequence curriculum following the Science of Reading.  Multiple programs have been presented to staff to review. Teachers in grades K-3 are piloting sample curriculum in order to provide feedback in adoption decisions for the 23/24 school year.

Dental Outreach Program:  Health Partners of Western Ohio is sponsoring a school based dental outreach program for students providing dental services right at our school. There was a sign up period and the program was open to all students.  

Glow Dodgeball: On Thursday October 20th grades 3,4,5 & 6 will be celebrating the end of the 1st quarter with a glow dodgeball tournament in the Gym.   Mrs. Boehler and the Elementary Student Council have placed students on teams and created tournament brackets. Mrs. Hibbard's art classes have been hard at work creating glow in the dark art to enhance the glow atmosphere.  Students in grades K-2 will participate in glow in the dark dancing at the end of the day beginning at 2:35 pm.

Kindness Club:  Ms. Boehler is turning the Service Learning project into a Kindness club.  One project is a plastic cap and lid collection which will be turned into a buddy bench.  The club will be collecting plastic lids in order to recycle them into a Buddy Bench.  Plastics R Unique, Inc. located in Wadsworth, Ohio performs the CAPS program where they recycle plastic lids into unique benches. Their goal is to teach children about helping and caring for our Earth through recycling. We will be using our bench as a Buddy Bench.  The Buddy Bench was an idea created by 9-year-old Charlie Cooper.  He wanted a place for kids at recess who needed someone to play with or were sad to come and sit.  The whole school knows the purpose of the bench and students can come over and ask the student if they want to play or want to walk and talk. He also thought it would be great for kids who have difficulty verbalizing their feelings.  This simple action of sitting on the bench can show what they are feeling.  There are now buddy benches in schools all over the world, thanks to Charlie’s idea.  

Another project will be to create cards, letters, or crafts for two local cancer patients.  Collection will take place through October 14th and then the club will deliver.

Elementary teachers will continue to receive professional development in the math series envision along with work in priority standards, assessments, analysis and phonics.  

High School  
This month’s staff meeting includes topics regarding parent-teacher conferences, selecting High Quality Student Data for OTES purposes, and a review of the recent State Report Card and the district’s Value-Added data.

Time for middle school staff to reflect on the implementation of the SEAL program up to this point will also be given.

The October professional development day will take place on the 21th. Topics for the day will include continuing the discussion of our book study selection for the year Motivating Students Who Don’t Care.

Middle school teachers will also have time to plan for upcoming SEAL programming and events

Parent teacher conferences will take place on the evenings of October 20, and November 3, from 4 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.

Parents will be able to sign up for times to meet with their child’s teachers while some walk-ins can be accommodated as well.

There will be no school for students the following Fridays after conferences (10/21 and 11/4).

Freshmen students participated in this annual event showcasing the many manufacturing careers available in Seneca County. This event, organized by took place at Tiffin University’s Heminger Center on October 7.

New Riegel will once again be hosting a quiz bowl tournament. Our quiz bowl team is hosting the event here in the building on the morning of October 11.

The Music Department will be preparing a spaghetti dinner to raise funds for the music department and their biennial music trip. Meals will be served October 16, from 11:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. in the auditeria.

The Red Cross Community Blood Drive that is organized in conjunction with our National Honor Society will be held on October 19, from 11:30 am to 5:30 pm. This event will take place in the junior high gymnasium.

This year the Student Council is organizing the Community Halloween Parade. It is scheduled to take place on October 30, at 2:00 p.m.

Club Show will be taking place on the evening of November 4, and the afternoon of November 6.

The first quarter grading period will conclude on October 20. Letters were sent home at the midterm to those students who were in danger of failing a course for the quarter. Students with at least one D or F in a class were automatically sent a letter.

Students who signed up for the practice SAT exam will be testing on Wednesday, October 12. The exam not only serves as the practice test for the SAT but is also used to determine National Merit Scholars winners for students who opt to take the test their junior year.

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