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District News and Notes - June 2023

Here's the latest from around the district...

Maintenance Review

A review of items to be taken care of this summer has been reviewed. Items include: safety upgrades, concrete repairs, gym floor refinishing, track building and bus garage clean out.     

Open Enrollment

We have accepted 142 open enrollment students this year.    

Personnel Recommendations      

  • HS/MS Principal - Valerie Zeno

  • Music Teacher - Maureen Berney

  • Grade 2 Teacher - Emma England

  • Advisory Positions - Listed in agenda 

  • Girls Varsity Basketball - Lauren Hutton

  • Varsity Softball - Tony Conner 

  • Varsity Track - Josh Osborn

  • Varsity Baseball - Dereck Uitto

  • Assistant Baseball - Dave Uitto

  • Assistant Softball - Darci Dailey

Consent Items

  • Overnight trip to Mohican for the Cross Country Team in July

  • Lady Blue Jackets Logo to be put on the team shop



Mental Health Board - We received a grant for clinical counseling services for the 23-24 school year.  This will help pay for Meagan McBride’s contract.  

Meagan McBride Klein - Clinical Counselor support for our tier II students.   She will be paid out of the Mental Health Board Grant.  

NOVA - This agreement is for our online courses for credit recovery, electives and courses for the 23-24 school year.    There is also an agenda item to approve Nikkole Kleba to oversee the grad point online tutoring for students needing summer school credit recovery in June and July.  The pay is set at $15.00 per hour.  

NOECA - This agreement is for our computer software and licensing fees along with the use of Frontline, INFOhio, aSc, Same Goal and Final Forms.   

Old Business 

A parent of an incoming senior emailed me and expressed concerns about graduation on Friday night next year as there could potentially be a conflict with the regional track meet.    A discussion will continue on this topic and a final decision to be made prior to school starting. 

Curriculum & Instruction
Word Study Curriculum: *Materials have been distributed to teachers for them to review and become familiar with prior to next school year.  Teachers have access to online materials as well as self-paced professional development.  All K-3 staff will complete this pd prior to the 23/24 school year.

Summer PD: *K-3 teachers and intervention teachers will complete online dyslexia training by August 21st, 2023.  In addition, K-3 teachers will complete a 6 hour online course to learn about our new adopted word study curriculum, “Really Great Reading”. Teachers will explore new materials in August to prepare instruction for the 23-24 school year.

Summer Learning Opportunities: *Each grade level provided engaging learning activities to students to access over the summer.  These activities are intended to assist families with ideas on how to prevent summer slide but in a fun, natural process.  Students may return Summer Learning examples during Open House as well as the first full week of school.  Prizes and rewards will be given to recognize students’ commitment to their personal academic achievement.

S.A.I.L. Teacher Teams: *Staff have contributed to revising teams to enhance our SAIL leadership program for next school year and have signed up to serve on one of these teams.  

Student Activities
Testing Rewards: Students work very hard to show their knowledge on a variety of state assessments and have done very well.  All students were placed in a drawing to be able to pie a staff member or a chance at the Bob pinata and a Walmart gift card.   In addition, each teacher has given a Bob award to one student in their class for ELA and one for Math during the fall, winter and spring test sessions.  These students received an extra chance at the drawing, were able to spray silly string on staff and students and were treated to a breakfast, extra recess and prizes.  There was even a surprise appearance from Bob himself.  Students were ecstatic when Bob pulled up in a Delorean car on the playground, and was pied in the face.  Students loved this end of the year celebration and look forward to beating Bob next year.

Family / Community Events
Fun Day: The PTO, ABC and principal’s fund sponsored an end of the year Fun Day on Wednesday, May 24th.  Students enjoyed inflatables, an exotic zoo assembly, homemade ice cream and other fun activities.  Each grade level wore class shirts of their own colors.  Numerous family members volunteered and were a part of this event.

Open House: Families will welcomed back to school during Open House on Aug 21, 2023.  Families will have the opportunity to get acquainted with the new classroom and teacher as well drop off supplies and turn in Summer Learning Packets.  

New Student Orientation - TBA

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