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District News and Notes - September 2022

District News and Notes 

September 2022

Approved fundraisers:  Senior Class – Candle Sale, Volleyball Team – 2023 Elementary Summer Camp and Service Learning - Buddy Bench

Contract with the Seneca County School of Opportunity to serve district school aged residents with disabilities for the 2022-23 school year.

Athletic Training Services - this is a contract for an athletic trainer bump clinic on Wednesdays @ 5 p.m.  We are still trying to secure a trainer for varsity games.   A listserv message was sent to the public on Tuesday, September 13.   

“The New Riegel Athletic Department is in need of an Athletic Trainer or Healthcare Professional to cover sporting events this school year.  If you are interested, please contact Athletic Director Jamie Lininger at [email protected].”

We have until October 3, 2022 to submit our updated safety grant application.   

The New Riegel Board of Education is accepting letters of interest for the vacant board of education position.   District residents should email or send a letter of interest to Superintendent, David Rombach at [email protected]

The JH building had a leak on the ridge of the roof.  Clouse Construction fixed the issue. 

All of the exterior doors' bullet proof film will be installed on September 13 and 14 to complete that particular project.  

The long jump pit will be updated by track season and we are awaiting plans and the quote for the track storage building.   The building will be positioned near the old track sheds’ location and will be 30x40, similar in size to the shelter near the baseball field.  

The wellness coaches 6 week walking program begins on Monday, September 19 for those staff members participating in the wellness program this year.  

New “stop the bleed” kits have been installed near the AED machines in the district.  The kits were donated by Mercy Health.  

Elementary News and Notes 

September 2022

Kindergarten is planning to attend Connie’s pumpkin patch on 10/7/22 to learn about life cycles of pumpkins and apples.  

4th graders will be traveling to Hedges-Boyer park in Tiffin on Friday, September 16th for the annual Ohio Heritage School Day.  The 4th graders will be active participants in experiencing what life was like for Seneca County pioneers, Native Americans, and soldiers through presenters and re-enactors that are scheduled for that day.  It is a very exciting and hands-on day! 

5th graders will be attending an event at the Ritz on 9/26/22 in coordination with Calvert schools.  Kari Byron (Mythbusters) and Jenny Buccos (Award-winning producer) are coming to Seneca County to speak with our students about STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) education.  As part of this presentation, Kari and Jenny are including subscriptions to their platform (Explr Classroom) for the remainder of this school year and all of the next school year.  Tiffin Community Foundation has covered the majority of the cost for this event.  Calvert Catholic Schools is paying the balance.   For more information on EXPLR Classroom, please see the attached flier or visit: https://explr-classroom.com/ 

Summer Learning: During our loss of in person learning during QA4 of the Covid year.  Staff created Summer Learning opportunities for students in grades K-5 along with our Summer Reading program.  This project has since continued to combat the “summer slide” that often occurs for students.  This year we began collecting / recording student participation and will recognize students who took initiative to complete these learning activities over the summer.  There will be 3 tiers of recognition:  Tier 1: all students learned in some way and will receive a small goody bag.  Tier 2: students who completed some of the activities will also receive a spin on the prize wheel for an additional prize.  Tier 3: students who went above and beyond and completed many of the learning opportunities will receive all the tier 1 and 2 prizes as well as a pizza party and game event.  Students who completed summer reading will receive rewards as well; NR pen (read for at least 25 days), Scholastic Book Certificate (read for at least 50 days), Ice Cream Party (read for at least 75 days.)  The ice cream party for summer readers will be held on 9/16/22 with the ice cream and toppings donated by Ms. Salvatti.

Our first K-5 SAIL meeting took place on Monday, 9/12/22 during 1st period.  K-5 will then meet at the end of each quarter and K-2 and 3-5 will meet separately once a month.  Some major goals for this year include collaboration amongst grade levels with student SAIL teams, Community Involvement and Student Clubs.  

The Fall NWEA will be administered for ELA and Math from 9/7-9/28.  This data will be part of our K-3 Literacy score.  The goal is for students who were off track last fall to now perform on track at their new grade level.  Students who score below ODE’s cut off score for each grade level will have a RIMP (Reading Improvement Monitoring Plan) that targets needed skills.  This information will be shared and collaborated on with parents at Fall conferences.

This will be the first year we pilot a Dyslexia screener to students in grades K-3 and at risk 4th and 5th graders.  The data will be used to inform our title 1 groups and instruction.  Students who are flagged will receive intense intervention and have continued progress monitoring to ensure growth.

9/30/22          Bakery Bingo sponsored by the PTO

10/24 - 10/25     Scholastic Book Fair

New Riegel Middle School/High School News and Notes 

September 2022

This month’s meeting for 6-12 staff included an opening discussion about this year’s book study focusing on strategies to motivate disengaged students. Time was allotted for middle school staff to discuss the first few weeks of the SEAL program. Also, topics such as OTES 2.0 and other housekeeping items were covered.  

This is the second year of the revised OTES evaluation system. Teachers will be creating their Professional Growth Plans (PGPs) using their high quality student data gained from last year. Student growth measures are no longer a factor in a teacher’s evaluation. A rough draft of teacher’s PGPs will be due in later this week with final drafts due on September 23. 

Students in grades 6-8 will be attending a field trip to the Ritz on September 27. Kari Byron, from Discovery’s Myth busters, and television producer Jenny Buccos will be providing a presentation regarding STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) and their EXPLR curriculum that will be available for our teachers and students to use for the remainder of the school year. The Tiffin Community Foundation and Calvert Catholic Schools are sharing the cost of this event and the curricular resources.


Middle school teachers have been introducing the core SEAL (Stop & Press Pause, Embrace Challenges as Opportunities, Accept Responsibility for Outcomes, Look for New Possibilities) lessons for these first few weeks of school. First period teachers have been introducing and discussing the meaning of one letter from the acronym each week. Middle school teachers in later periods reinforce this instruction and are putting into practice a framework of promoting the program as well as recognizing students who are modeling the expected behaviors. 

Discussions have begun regarding the development of our high school PBIS program. All stakeholders such as students, teachers and administration will be a part of this process. Active planning roles will be taken by our student council, Mr. Johnson and Mrs. Depinet.


The first bi-monthly SBC executive council meeting for the year is scheduled for September 14, in Fremont. Also, just a reminder that Woodmore will become a full member of the River Division next school year.  Any pertinent and new information resulting from the upcoming meeting will be shared in October. 

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