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College Credit Plus

College Credit Plus

Students must submit a written notice* of their intent to participate in the upcoming academic year, by April first, in accordance with section 3365.03 of the Revised Code, but may submit the written notice of intent to participate as early as February fifteenth. Students desiring to participate in college credit plus in the summer are strongly 7 October 2017 References to Ohio Revised Code and Ohio Administrative Code are summaries. Personnel are responsible for reviewing current ORC and OAC for exact and complete language and regulations. encouraged to submit letters of intent and begin the admissions process starting in February and prior to the April first notice of intent deadline in order to improve chances of meeting summer registration timelines."

*Note: This written notice is the Intent to Participate form. For nonpublic students, the written notice must be provided to the Ohio Department of Education as part of the funding application. Note: If a student misses the April 1 deadline, the student can seek consent from the principal to participate. If the principal does not provide written consent, the student may appeal the principal’s decision to the governing entity or the superintendent of the school. The decision of the district superintendent or governing entity shall be final. See Ohio Revised Code 3365.03 for the exact timeline of appeals, decisions, and notifications.